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Document Security Marking

"The goal with package protection features is to present barriers to the counterfeiters and facilitate authentication by the manufacturer. 

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uv light
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Security Markings for

  - Important Documents
- Pharmaceutical Products label
- Any kinds of product packaging
- Car Plates
- Important Belongings
- Gift Cheques/Certificates
- Concert Tickets
- University Diploma/Certificates
- School Credential
- Raffle Coupons
- Electronics
- etc...

Available colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange and Blue (seen only under uv light)

Chaging colors: Black ink turns red, green, yellow colors under uv lights.

Applications: Offset Printing Machine / Silkcreen Printing / Flexo / Roto

For: All kinds of paper, Vinyl acrylic sticker, plastic bottle, acrylic, glass, metals, rubbers, leather, cloth, plastic packaging.

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